Monday, January 14, 2013

31 weeks

31 weeks

Happy New Year! We had another great appt today! I am 30 weeks and 5 days today, less than 10 weeks to go! I can't believe it. We had an ultrasound, and yes it is still a boy!! We don't have a name picked out, but both my husband and I have made a list and we are trying to compromise, also I want to see what this little guy looks like before we totally settle on a name.
We had an ultrasound today and he is measuring right on target and is estimated to be 3lbs 12oz. He had a round little tummy and short legs :) (his tummy measures 31-32 weeks and his femur 29 weeks). My Dr commented on the fact that he is right on my bladder, which I am very aware of! We did not get any pictures this time because the baby is so big that it is hard to get a good shot and with him being head down he kept turning his face away from the wand.
We also did another NST (non-stress test, which monitors for contractions and the baby's well being) and it came out excellent again. The Dr. said he is a very active boy, which we already know!
My cervix is still closed, but the Dr said that the baby is low, which confirms what I have been feeling (pressure in my pelvis). I think this is why I have been having a lot of hip pain this go round.
All in all I am feeling good, I have had some return of my morning sickness-just feeling nauseous a bit in the mornings. I have also been having some insomnia, which it totally abnormal for me, so I have been very tired. I also seem to be starting the "nesting" phase, which is kinda new to me because I was on bedrest with my first at this point. Trying to balance resting and getting things done that I want is a challenge. I got a little worried the other night because I had contraction severy 5 mins or so for about an hour and a half. I made sure to lay down and rest and they slowly went away thank goodness! That's about all that is going on!
Next appt is in 3 weeks, jan 31st.
(I really need to figure out a way to get pics and videos up here, I will have to take the time to upload to youtube or something...)

29 weeks

29 weeks

(still catching up on my backlogged entries)
Well we had a good Christmas and survived my son's 9 day stomach bug, only for my husband to come down with it on Christmas morning! :( My poor boys!
In the preggo news, I am still feeling good and everything seems to be coming along well. It amazes me how different this pregnancy is from my first. I didn't realize how easy of a pregnancy my first was! This time around I have every pregnancy ailment they speak of in the books! The hardest to deal with has been the hip and back pain. I have been trying to sleep with a body pillow at night and the days that are more painful wear a belly support band, but neither make it go all the way away!
My 29 week check up went really well. They started doing the NST's (non-stress test, the baby's heartrate and contractions are monitored. It's used as an indicator of baby's well being and to detect pre-term labor, which we know I am at increased risk of developing). The NST was excellent and I only had one contraction. I have been having a lot of Braxton Hick's and some are them are a little painful. The baby was what they call reactive, meaning he had normal accelerations and decelerations of heartrate. He was very active and kept moving around, even my Dr. commented on how active he was! My Dr. also did a digital cervical check (a pelvic exam) and my cervix is nice and closed, and the baby is head down already. He also did a vaginal sonogram to measure the length of my cervix, which was also good, still long thank the Lord! The rest of my bloodwork came back and was all good, even my iron (yay!). So we are just plugging along and the hematoma seems to be gone, gone, gone! Thank the Lord. I am struck by these moments where the beginning of my pregnancy just seems like a bad dream. I am so thankful that everything has worked out so well, and pray for the women that it doesn't work out well for. I can only hope that my story helps someone else who is going through something similar!

(Still no pictures or video this time)

25 weeks

1With the holidays and craziness I was bad and didn't make any posts, so here is a little catch up!

  I had my 25 week appt and things are looking very good. I had to do a glucose tolerance test that screens for gestational diabetes. I had to drink a ton of the not the greatest drink after having fasted for 10 hours and then have my blood drawn. I will hear if I passed it in about 4 or 5 days. (it ended up coming back normal) I seem to be finally catching up in the weight department and have gained about 15 lbs if you count all the weight I lost and then gained back. Because of me being high risk for pre term labor (from going into labor with my first pregnancy at 32 weeks and having it stopped, plus having had the hematoma in the begining of this pregnancy) my Dr was very thorough and checked my cervix both digitally and by sonogram. It is nice and long and closed still which is fabulous because I have been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions, some of which are painful. The baby is head down already, at least for the moment. He is very very active!!! My stomach looks alienish from all his movements. All in all there is much else to talk about, I'm just getting bigger!

  For some reason I'm not able to put a picture of video in like I usually do, but I will continue to try!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

21/20 week anatomy scan

I'm 22 weeks now and a week and a half ago I had my 20 week anatomy scan US. The Dr had been called to do 2 emergency surgeries and was very backed up. Even though he was so backed up I wanted to see this busy peanut and get comfirmation that it's a boy! I waited 2 hours by the way, with a busy 5 yeard old!
Everything looked good, still no hematoma seen on the ultrasound and the placenta looks really good. Found out for sure that it is a boy! He looked really good and was measuring well. We had a hard time getting a picture of his profile because his face was towards my back and he kept turning away from the ultrasound. It was really an uneventful visit, which is fine by me!
I haven't had any bleeding now since about 17 weeks, I have been having braxton hicks, but that is normal. The baby is extremely active and making my belly look crazy with his movement.
I really don't have much else to say except that I feel so very blessed to be where I am today. I have started buying baby things, and it seems more realistic now with this big belly.



little mover:

Friday, October 26, 2012

19 weeks and 6 days

So I realized I never updated from my last appt (17 week appt)! oops! The appt was quick and everything was great. The Dr. checked my cervix and it was closed, fundus was where it should be and the heartbeat sounded great on doppler. I was hoping for an ultrasound because I had spotted/bled for so long after the last big bleed at nearly 14 weeks. It had stopped of course the day before the appt. We are still doing the magnesium supplements.

Next appt is in 1 week, it should have been this week but their office was closed all week. I will get an ultrasound at this appt, it is one of the bigger ultrasounds because they do an antaomy scan so it will be so nice to get a good long look at baby and confirm if it's a boy!! :) Sadly my husband can't go with me to the appt due to work, he has to go out of town :( I was hoping to record the ultrasound again for all my family in the states, but oh well! My mom tried to convince me to take my husband's giant tripod with me to the Dr's office! She's crazy (in a good way).

I can't believe that tomorrow I will be at the halfway mark! One of my many milestones that I never thought I would reach! Sometimes it is so sureal looking back and remembering how hopeless I felt sometimes that this pregnancy would ever truly make it. I feel much much better about the hematoma itself now, but my fears now stem from the fear of going into labor early. I already had higher than normal risk of going into labor early because of going into labor with my son at 32 weeks, even though they stopped it. Now that I have had the hematoma that increases my risks as well. I try not to worry because it's not healthy for me or the baby, but  I know the risks and the complications. My next milestone is 24 weeks which is considered "viability". It's the point at which Dr's will try to stop labor and if the baby is born early it will still have a chance of survival. I thank God every day for another day to love this little one and can't wait until the day I hold the baby in my arms, healthy and happy!

 a little video of the crazy little one rolling and kicking in my belly!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

15-16 week musings


(15 weeks and 2 days)I have decided to go back on the Zofran here and there if not every day. The nausea and vomiting is just too intolerable. I’m hoping if I can try to not take it every day I will not get as constipated as last time. I have been very depressed this past week and I know a lot of it stems from the poor quality of life I’m currently experiencing being stuck in bed and puking all the time. Also I’m going to have to be more active at least the next two weeks because my husband is working days again which means I will have to drop my son off for school every morning and pick him up from the bus stop (which is a couple blocks to walk to), make dinner, and bring my son to soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Before my dear hubby was doing literally everything, I haven’t been cooking, cleaning or doing anything except bringing my son to school in the mornings and doing anything I can when I’m not nauseous or bleeding. I am hoping that this isn’t going to be too much activity and will cause another bleed (even though I’m still spotting). I am going to have to remind myself to rest during the day, but it’s difficult because all I want to do is break the chains of being confined to bed.




16 weeks and 5 days
It’s been 3 weeks since my big bleed. I’m still spotting which is just annoying, but I’m feeling really good! The nausea and vomiting has finally subsided! Thank the lord! I usually get sick once or twice a day, usually in the morning and not every day. I've been taking the zofran only every once in awhile and my digestion has seemed to normalize besides being hungry a lot and craving pickles so much I have resorted to drinking the pickle juice. Such a relief to not be as sick! I have been being relatively active, although I am still taking it easy and spend a few hours in bed in the mornings after taking my son to school and doing some chores. I am just feeling so good I wanted to jot it down and remember it! I have started to feel small baby movements, which is exciting. I thought I had been feeling them, but it’s hard to differentiate between baby and my crazy digestive system! Now I'm sure it's baby. My belly is getting bigger too and there are only 2 pairs of normal pants I can wear now, shirts are getting too short, let’s not even talk about bras! I’ve added almost 2 inches to both my belly and my bust! I don’t think I look pregnant to strangers or people who don’t know though. I of course feel huge. I think I’ve finally gained some lbs back, but we don’t have a scale so I will have to wait until Tuesday for my appointment. I’m hoping Dr. H will do an ultrasound to check for the hematoma since I have still been spotting, but I don’t think he will. Five more days till my appointment.

Scary bleed 13 weeks


We had another serious bleeding scare today (13 weeks and 2 days), probably the scariest one yet. I was eating lunch when I felt a gush. I ran to the bathroom and was just dripping blood like a facet. (sorry told ya I don’t hold back). It was bad enough that it freaked hubby out quite a bit, he was in the bathroom and witnessed it. Due to the large amount of blood I lost/was losing and a large size gallball-baseball size clot (my first clot) we went and got checked out by Dr.H.  The baby looked great, was active and his heartrate was perfect. Dr. H could not find the source of the bleeding. He has put me on some magnesium (oxide-a dietary supplement) to keep the uterus relaxed and I am back on bed rest. Yipee! :( The placenta looked good and does not seem to be covering the cervix, which can sometimes cause bleeding like this. Sometimes these hematomas can "hide" and can't be seen on the ultrasound. There are other causes for bleeding, but it doesn't seem to be any of them. Sometimes women bleed and they don't know why. So the most important thing for me to do is rest since blood is an irritant to the uterus... Either way knowing the why of the bleeding isn’t really important in a way because it doesn’t change the treatment. I have also been having a rough time with the vomiting and vomited a tiny bit of blood last night. Sometimes this happens with ladies with hyperemesis (excessive puking) and it's just another thing to keep an eye on. (It comes from the esophagus becoming irritated by the acids). My next appt is october 9th.